Getting on THE list, the retailer list.

It's shopper marketing 101, get on the list. Get "Iams" on the list instead of "dog food." But how do you get on the store list? How do you get your store into consideration when it comes to where a shopper shops? I know, that's what traditional store advertising accomplishes including sale tabs, tv spots and promotions. But there are preconceived ideas of what a store stands for; Walmart = affordable (cheap), Target = designer (affordable), Best Buy = electronics, Toys 'r Us = toys, etc. So how do we overcome these preconceived notions? Two years ago Walmart put on a full court press that they were more than "affordable" (then the recession hits and "boom" back to everyday low prices). Toys 'r Us put toilet paper in their stores. Why? To open up peoples' consideration set as a destination other than birthdays and Christmas. So recently I faced a shopping destination dilemma; cabinet knobs? Immediate instinct, Lowe's (because Lowe's usually has better esthetic stuff than Home Depot). But a friend suggested Target. What? Target is the hip, trendy place for designer mops and fru-fru snacks. I know Walmart has invested a ton in their home department with a category revamp and a partnership with Better Homes and Garden but Target? Guess what? I ended up buying a set of 12 knobs at a really great price. The moral of the story, don't always judge a store by it preconceived image.


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