Woo Hoo, 4 Followers!

Sincerely, thank you Allie, Big Mike, Brittany and Jo-Jo (and Boy Band in abstention). We're on our way but how do we get to Kim Kardashian twitter numbers of 5,749,424I could start by asking my wife and mom to follow my blog, if they really loved me. That's 2 more. I could change the topic to Kim Kardashian. Or I could buy followers at buyfanstoday.com, 25,000 Facebook fans on sale for only $79.99. But what's the fun in that. I'm a marketing guy! I need to do my own social media campaign. So let's attack this Saatchi-style.

Increase followers of my blog by a significant* amount.

No one really cares about a random creative guy's blog about random marketing thoughts.
Blogs are dated, twitter is king (for at least the next couple of months) because of 140 character attention spans.
I'm not a celebrity (at least outside my own blog).

I'm kind of funny.
I want to be taken serious.
There is an audience who like The Making Of component of life.

Become the destination for smart, insightful marketing perspectives and the people who create the work. That are funny.

The Plan:
- Facebook Post: The first attempt netted me you 4 followers so we'll do that again and see if I can get 4 more followers.

- e-mail Blast: I think I would just hack-off all my friends.

- Twitter Post: I've got 33 followers there so that could octuple my following but I think most of them are junk followers but we'll try it anyway.
- Blog Syphoning: basically going to other people's blog and talking about how great my blog is in comparison.
- Keyword Search: looking back through this post the only keyword hits I'll probably get are "Kim" and "Kardashian" (if I spelled her name right). I could do that thing where I list the dictionary at the end of this post but I think I'll pass on that.
- Flickr/youtube Channels: I already have Flickr and youtube channels but they have nothing to do with Creative Storytelling. Hmmmm that's one to put on the follow up list.
- Incentives!: I could bribe people! Become a follower on my blog and I'll give you cash... or a t-shirt. Now I just need a budget.
- Celebrity Endorsement: now if I just knew a celebrity.

Success Measures:
The great thing about a social media campaign is that we can actually measure our success. We're not actually getting anyone to buy anything, just commit their avatar to a list on the side of the main page, but all the same we can see if people actually do that. So I'd be excited to double our numbers to 8 within a month? But just imagine if we could get that 5 million people. Is it impossible? Maybe. Or maybe not!

*"significant" as defined by however many people actually start to follow me.


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