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Two Worlds: 1987 Roby Texas | 2019 Greenwich Village

30 years ago, I left my small hometown in west Texas, Roby. Population 643. And since then I’ve traveled and worked all over the place but for the last 5 years I’ve lived in the NE and worked and gone to school in NYC. A bit of a size shock. Now I want to share with you the differences between the Roby I left in 1987 and the Greenwich Village of today. Greenwich Village is a neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan, New York City. It has been the Bohemian capital and the cradle of the LGBT movement. At the center is Washington Square Park. The entire neighborhood is .28 square miles with 22,785 people. It’s median income is $119,728 Roby is a town in west Texas. It’s cotton country and was founded by farmers in 1885. There are 623 people and 175 families. The median income is $27,031. In 1987 the population was 847. The reason I know this is because we’d be so bored we ride our bikes to the 4 population signs at the entry points to the town for fun. 

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