Welcome to the future...

When I saw the iPad for the first time, I thought "it's the future." Here's the interesting thing about the future and futuristic stuff, it sneaks up on you. I had a professor once who wrote a thesis on the doubling of technology, basically how the amount of time it took to go from the cooking over a fire to cooking in an oven was twice as long to go from cooking in a oven to a microwave. The time it took to go from watching VHS to DVD was twice as long from going from DVD to Blu-ray. I think from Paul Allen had a similar theory about technology becoming smaller and faster at a doubling rate. Anyway, technology sneaks up on you because it happens so smoothly and quickly. Imagine if I gave you the current video iPod 5 years ago with it's 2" high-def screen. You'd be amazed. But if I gave you the old sandwich box iPod with the click wheel and B&W display, you'd still be amazed but not as much. My point, when I saw the iPad, I thought of all those 70s and 80s sci-fi TV shows and movies where the doctor or the scientist would carry around a high-tech clipboard and tap on it a couple of times and get data. But since we already had tiny laptops, smart phones and, well, smart phones, it snuck up on us. I don't have an iPad, I'd love to have one (if Steve Jobs is reading this I can send you my address), but I have interacted with one and understand the basic touch interface from the iPhone and it's use of the Mac operating system and wi-fi connection tech but it's still cool even if it's been de-mystified.

So what does this have to do with marketing? Where technology goes, so does marketing. Look at augmented reality or Facebook or twitter. Whether it's the original 60s game shows brought to you by Pepto Bismol or a 3D avatar concert based on a video game character:


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