Meme, me

I walked up to a very smart man who I work with and asked what’s the future of the internet. His response, “One word (actually more like two words squished together), LOLCats.”
If you have not been to: you’re probably the only person who hasn’t. Just go look. And then start doing the math on all the people sharing and creating on the site. I think Google had it listed #5 on the most popular websites. Now, I would never suggest something as simple as advertising cat food on such a popular site, but how do we create the same level of engagement on our cat food site? How do we get people to want to seek out our site? How do we get people talking about our site and aligning it with our brand? People do it all the time after the Super Bowl. I want to be the site that gets sent to every 3rd grade teacher and mom of 3 across the world. And it could all start with crazy captions on cats?


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