Check out my ride...

Virgin Media has a tradition of naming all their service vehicles after entertainment icons including Marlon Vando, Jeanne Claude Van Damme, Van Helsing, Van Solo, International Van Of Mystery and Van Diesel.

But recently they unveiled its brand new fleet of TV and film themed super-vans to deliver Virgin Media’s new set top box powered by TiVo. Maurice Daw, executive director of access at Virgin Media, said: “We want to bring the total entertainment experience to our customers and it’s the extra touches that really make a difference – we hope the new fleet will make our customers smile and make the installation process a fun one. TiVo is all about delivering the best on the telly and personalizing your viewing experience so it makes sense if we’re giving you your TV favorites on one box that we use the UK’s favorite TV vans to deliver it!”

Application: we utilize our brands “vehicles” everyday; bottles, packaging, shippers. What are those unique “vehicles we’ve never used or how do we engage our shoppers to UGC-them?


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