Ah, ASDA...

“Ok, done? Then let’s get out of here, now!”

The shopping experiences in London so far have been very much like New York or Chicago; small formats with small baskets rings. Which is an interesting change of pace but this weekend I wondered out into the burbs of London and discovered my first supercenter store, or “hyper-store” as they refer to them. Big sign, big parking lot, big store but nothing could prepare me for the chaos that waited inside. It felt a little too close to home as people scrambled in and out, kids running amuck and cash registers (or “tills”) bleeping like crazy. That’s when I heard one man lean over to his wife and blurt out in frustration, “Ok, done? Then let’s get out of here, now!” It felt like a typical Saturday at Walmart.

So, a couple of interesting things from my ASDA trip:
  • Value is first and foremost. You’ll notice every endcap (or Gondola Ender), has the price predominate.
  • They’re pushing “Big Brands”, mostly in this case George Home.
  • They introduce you to their local store managers predominately on an endcap by check out.
  • It was nice that they had a pet water dish to create a store-of-the-community feel.

 Next time consider bringing a large value platform to the retailer that your brand can own. So many times we try to lead with the shopper experience; meal-planning, regime-solutions, etc. Next time consider a straight-up value play with your brand creating the most value.


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