Store-ies: Superdry Edition

My interest in Superdry was first peaked by a t-shirt. I’m guessing this is what intrigues most people about the brand. It’s a combination of Japanese and English and “graphic-ness”. Their website says, “Inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.” You can’t go anywhere or turn on the telly and not see someone with an “SD” embroidered on their hoodie or shirt with the intriguing Japanese characters emblazoned beside the English. Kevin Roberts (or K-Rob as I like to call him), Saatchi & Saatchi CEO, would say this is “mystery”, tapping into dreams and myths to build intrigue. I think it’s just cool. But the thing I like most is that they bring that fusion of Japanese, American and British into their dress shirts by having Japanese characters subtly embroidered on cuffs, lapel and tags. It brings some fun into the standard, everyday work shirt. 

Application: Consider what you can do with your brand to create mystery and intrigue.



  1. You know you are doing something right when you are being imitated. I've seen superfly and silverdry hoodies.


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