Jumbo-tron meets Chocolate Joy: Cadbury Waterloo

So a few weeks back I experienced the “motion screen” at the Waterloo station. Waterloo is a large tube station due to the fact that it used to be an international hub. It also has a very large flat screen on the wall. I say experienced because it’s so big, most clients have to break things down and use different portions of the screen for different messages. But I was stopped in my tracks by two kids flaying about, waving their arms in the air. When I looked up at the enormous screen, I saw the same two kids with digital images of skateboards and teddy bears bouncing around their heads. As they magically “caught” the items, a person in a Cadbury purple shirt handed them a chocolate bar. Turns out it’s part of Cadbury’s new “Win Your Joy” campaign where people can win their favorite things; shoes, footballs (or soccer balls), etc. made completely out of chocolate. It was an amazing, engaging experience. The very best of “shopper-tainment, social and new technology (apologizes for all the quote marks).

Application: We are constantly being introduced to new technology and production capabilities, the secret is not to fall for the shiny technology but use the technology to tell your story.

Here’s a much better link than my iPhone video:


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