Cheers! Speaking British Part 2 of 2

distinctly remember the moment when my brain did a semi-conversation to British. We were about to get on the Eurostar, and I said, "Stand in the queue while I look for a bin." Translation, "Stand in line while I look for a trash can."

So did you figure them all out? I'll ask all the natives (especially those mentioned in the previous post) to jump in and make sure I got them all right. Here’s the answers (I think):

You fancy a chat? = “Would you like to talk.”
Do you think I’m a pilchard? = I think this is a gullible fish?
I’m gutted. = Disappointed or upset about something specific
Are you pulling my plunker? = Um, similar to “Are you pulling my leg?”
That’s a proper __________ (insert object). = That’s a good one.
You’re having a bubble? = Again, “are you pulling my leg?”
Taking the piss? = Are you making fun of me.
-not to be confused with-
He’s pissed. = Drunk (you knew this one, right?)
That’s the badger. = “That’s it!” (supposedly only applicable to Sunir)
Bob’s your uncle. = “bing, bang, boom” or “lickety split” or “wang bang thank you ma’am”
Scamp it up. = Draw or sketch up the idea.
I’m gobsmacked! = Shocked.

Cockney Rhyming Slang::

Feelin’ a bit Tom and Dick? = “Are you feeling sick?”
Call me on the ol’ dog and bone. = “Call me on the phone.”
I need a kip. = “I need a nap”
Let’s have some Ruby Murray. = “Let’s have some Thai food"(?)
I’m feeling a bit Harvey Lee. (Hank Marvin) = "I'm starving!"
Give us a tickle on the ol’ blower. = Again, “Call me on the phone.”
Strike me a light, me ol’ china plate. = "Got a light, mate." (?)
Make us a cuppa Rosy Lee, you mug. = "Make me a cup of tea, thug." (?)
Ah, he’s a septic. = Turns out this is a term for an American or a “septic tank.”

Watcha cock! = Ok, I have no idea. I think it means, “What are you doing?” or “Look out!” or it could simply mean "How are you?"

Hope you enjoyed the Daily British Lesson, I know I did.

Final British lesson, “cheers.” Turns out, “Cheers” is a very powerful and flexible word in the UK. It's not just a toast but “thank you” and “I understand” and “you’re a good mate.” So with all that in mind, I will end my London adventure proudly with… Cheers (said with a Texas accent)!


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