Nostalgic for High Tech?

I'm one of those people who have a huge book shelf full of books but I'm not a big reader. It's the texture and the warmth of the books that I love. I was talking to a set designer once who also did interior design and she had rich clients who would buy books by the pound just to fill up their library! So I'm not crazy. So when I discovered this book wrap for your laptop from, I was in:

So then I started looking around and discovering other interesting products to take the edge off your cutting edge tech like this woodgrain iPhone cover from

And this is one of my favorites, iPad desktop screens of vintage Apple images from

So what does this have to do with creative storytelling? I believe in this wonderfully cool high-tech world we live in, you still have to make sure you're making a human connection. I know, I know, it's sounds like a Rick Springfield song but I now have the Mac Classic desktop image on my laptop because I remember sitting in front of that very computer back in college for hours and hours. We don't sell technology, we sell moments.


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