T-Shirt Wars

One of the brilliant minds on my new creative team shared this video with me:

Obviously, awesome storytelling (thus why I'm sharing it) but one of the things that makes me smile is the end with, basically, commercials to sell youtube subscriptions, t-shirts, design capabilities, even an actual t-shirt company. Lee Clow, chief creative officer of Chiat Day (and if you didn't know that you should burst into flames instantly), once said, back in the 90s, that we don't work in advertising, we work in entertainment. That our job was to create discussion around the water cooler (I'm paraphrasing, it was the 90s). In the new era we live in, Twitter is the new water cooler and success is measured in "Likes" and re-tweets. But at the core is still entertainment, or creative storytelling (you didn't think I could bring it back around, did you!)

And just to stay true to the mantra of this blog and peal back the story behind the story, here's a fun Making-of video:


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