Playing Hard to Get

I have a theory that people liked to be challenged whether it's in movies, reading or advertising. This goes against everything Hollywood and ad agencies would tell you. Keep it simple, Stupid. I'm a big fan of simple, Stupid, but I also think it's more engaging when you can challenge people to think. Here's a perfect example I read about from Rick Mathieson where the new Batman movie is not only challenging people to engage but dragging them into participation:

Here's another great example where the great, (yes, I am a fanboy) J. J. Abrams hid an interactive trailer for his new movie "Super 8" on the PC version of the game Portal 2:

And a Jay-Z/Bing book promotion:

Now the first question I'm sure we'd all hear is, "Why not make it easier for everyone?" Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi, would tell you that you have to build mystery. I believe K-Rob (as I like to call him) is absolutely right in that mystery builds brand loyality. And J. J. (as I like to call him) talks about how his whole approach to storytelling revolves around mystery:

I personally am so ready to start challenging our consumers. To challenge them to engage. To quote my old CEO, to "invite them to participate."


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