What's in a name

We’ve all had them,  .gmail, or .yahoo e-mail accounts (or my fav, the .hotmail account). A place to put the junk you never check and the junk e-mails from mom that she thinks that you’ll think are funny. Here’s the intriguing thing to me, when people put personal data in the name to distinguish between other... Bettys. So betty31@yahoo.com. By the way, how long does Betty plan to stay 31? I know, I know, forever. Or bill1974@gmail.com. So we know Bill is old. But when will we get to the point where technology is personal enough that it can recognize your e-mail tag and send you content. So raider64@yahoo.com gets Oakland Raider jersey discounts when he logs onto nfl.com. Or edwardtwifan@gmail.com gets a notification on Amazon.com when the last Twilight movie comes out. 
Yours truly,


  1. With the massive amount of media that a consumer is exposed to, relevancy is key to breaking through the clutter. This is a great idea that would break through that clutter! If you infuse something other than your name with your email, you are probably VERY passionate about it.

    And I love the sign off - jedimasterdan@hotmail.com. That’s funny!

    Best regards,
    montague_jkb@yahoo.com (former theater geek)


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